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Prática do Reiki. Grupo praticando as posições do Reiki. Clear your vitality system blockages with the 15 chakra aura therapeutic session and have extra energy. -

Facts and Meaning of Auric Field/Layer of #Aura

Chakra Affirmations

#CHAKRA AFFIRMATION CARDS Print these out to use for your own chakra affirmation healing. For beginners work with them and focus on your chakra point and intention for healing three times a day. You can use mantra bead bracelet to help you keep track.

Pyrite Stone

Pyrite is a traditional crystal for money and good luck. It is a powerful crystal for manifestation, especially with regards to wealth and prosperity. It is connected with the sun and strengthens your solar chakra. #pyrite #crystals #healing

Hematite Stone

Hematite is the ultimate grounding stone for the body. When it touches your skin, you immediately feel more balanced, calm and centered. It eliminates the negative energy in your body by drawing it into itself.

Crystals for Energy Vampires — Protect yourself from energy and psychic vampires with Aventurine, Ruby, Labradorite (protects aura), or Black Tourmaline (blocks negative energy). Work with the Solar Plexus, Heart and Higher Heart chakras to protect yourself from energy vampires. If you feel drained of energy, including emotionally drained, after dealing with a person this is a form of vampirism.

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Afirmaciones para sanar tu chakra base: Mi cuerpo me apoya en vivir una vida creativa y feliz. Me encanta cada parte de mi cuerpo, cada célula está llena de energía y vitalidad. Tengo todo lo que necesito. Estoy seguro. Pertenezco.

Witchspo #4

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