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Hand Knotted Vintage Persian Kashan Wool Rug 11' 10" x 17' 3" - No. AT28225

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Persian rugs of the Kashan variety are distinguished by their superior craftsmanship, elaborate patterns, and use of wool. The carpets are produced in Iran's Kashan province. The rugs have a silky, opulent feel, and they are also incredibly strong. Although Kashan rugs come in a wide range of hues and patterns, red, blue, and beige are the most typical colors you see them in. Traditional Persian themes, including medallions, florals, and geometric shapes, are frequently seen in the rugs. Tribal ornamental designs can also be seen on some Kashan rugs; these motifs are frequently woven into the rug's background and borders. Rugs from Kashan are a popular choice for both interior design and investment. In formal settings like living rooms and dining rooms, they are frequently employed. Although Kashan rugs can be pricey, they are a wise investment because they last for many years. Origin - IranTone - ColorfulShape - RectangleThickness mm - 1/4"Condition - VintageWarp - CottonThis item is shipped to the United States and Canada only. Please check our website for more items that qualify for free international shipping.
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