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Pourquoi une couronne de fleurs sur ma tête ? Juste parce que aujourd'hui c'était la fête des Femmes . ..Et pour leur rappeler qu'elle doivent toujours garder patience....Car des lapins elles en auront encore et encore ( dans leur vie...ou plus souvent dans leur cuisine ah.ah.ah !! La au moins elles auront le dernier mot... ...)

80% of an adult rabbit's diet should be hay. Good quality hay is the most part of a rabbits diet and you're rabbits should Always have access to it. it helps keep their gut moving thus avoiding dangerous gut stasis which left untreated is nearly always also keeps their teeth nice and short and in good condition.

Rabbit breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeds Assoication- except the newest breed as of November 2013 (the loinhead)

Bunny ages in human years. Second Hope Circle helps special needs pets in Ontario find homes through promotion, education and funding! More

a calico bunny I want it! by jthomason

This page covers the most common diseases and medical conditions of rabbits along with suggested treatments.

As an example, a rabbit could have 1 egg cup of pellets and a pile of hay per day, plus a selection of vegetables. One day it might be a cauliflower leaf and fresh basil/parsley and another day blackberry leaves, fresh grass and a small carrot.