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Paramount Photographers

Ibibio women of Southern Nigeria.

Africa | Gelede Masqueraders. Yoruba people, Nigeria. | © "The Dance, Art and Ritual of Africa". Michel Huet, Jean Laude, Jean-Louis Paudrat. Published in 1978, Pantheon Books

Vintage postcard, circa 1900. "A Calabar Chief", Nigeria. Publisher and photographer "Photoholm"

nigerianostalgia: A freed Yoruba slave from Bahia, Brazil. 1800s

Africa | Agaba/ Mgbedike masquerade. Wearing mask and masquerade costume covered with fluffy or furry material, appliqued panels at front. Mask has long horns and sharp teeth. Small group of adult men accompanying masquerade. Man at right playing a small gong.| Photo by B. Fagg, 1946, North Nigeria

Young Shilluk men, South Sudan, early #1900s

Igbo Tribe. Nigeria. "Ichi" are facial ritual scarification worn mostly by male tribe members to indicate nobility. 1921.

Ottobah CugoanoQuobna Ottobah Cugoano (1757-Unknown), born in Ghana, kidnapped, enslaved and taken to the West in 1770. Taken to England in 1772, he "became one of the leaders of London's African community and their campaign to end slavery." Contemporary of Olaudah Equiano

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