Explora Berlim Ocidental, Fotografados Em e outros!

Com muro, Adenauer propôs a Kennedy vender Berlim Ocidental - Terra Brasil

A loudspeaker van from the West Berlin organisation SAS (Studio am Stacheldraht or Studio at the Barbed Wire) arrives at the Berlin Wall where a new section is being built, 23rd July 1962. Shortly after this, an East German police car turned up, blasting music and Communist propaganda from its loudspeakers. (Photo by Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Muro de Berlim caiu em 9 de novembro de 1989. Tinha 1400 km de comprimento.

Manifestante bate com uma marreta contra o Muro de Berlim enquanto guardas da fronteira observam por cima do muro, em Berlim, na Alemanha, nesta foto de 11 de novembro de 1989

Nov. 10th 1989: West Berliners continue their vigil atop the Berlin Wall in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

Sept. 1961: West Berliners wave to friends and family across the Berlin Wall.

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Berlin, 1963. Even though I was only 10 yrs old at the time, I was aware of the awful things the Russians were doing to the East Germans. They split up families until 1989, when the Berlin wall finally came down. Many people were killed trying to escape, and the East Germans lived in terrible conditions compared to Germans in West Berlin. Those were desperate times. The Stasi spied on everyone in East Germany.

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