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World Trade Center se torna o maior prédio de Nova York

Ainda não terminada, a torre do novo World Trade Center - construída para substituir as antigas Torres Gêmeas após os ataques terroristas de 11 de setembro de 2001 - se tornará nesta segunda-feira a estrutura mais alta de Nova York, superando os 381 metros do deck de observação do Empire State Building, construído em 1930.

World Trade Center, 1968 - Photos - The Twin Towers through the years

Here, a 1968 aerial view of the site where the World Trade Center was built.

May 6, 1937, The Hindenburg flying over Boston about 11:40am. 9hrs 5min before the airship would explode over New Jersey.

600 year old astronomical clock in Prague

Old Fashioned Telephone Biscuit Barrel 1893

Graffiti from 1587 in the Tower of London, done by Philip Howard, Earl of Arundel. From Lisby1 on Flickr.

Do you ever start a sketch and realize that the paper you are working on should be twice the size it is? That happens to me often. Today I had a few minutes between errands in Old Montreal to draw …

World Trade Center, 1999 - Photos - The Twin Towers through the years

Austin J. Tobin was the executive director of the Port Authority of New York from 1942-1972. After his death, the outdoor plaza of the World Trade Center, seen above, was named after him.

The Marble Arch London 1900

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