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Fear is not real.

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They knew nothing of science. And, men dominated the women

Some people do not understand that being an atheist is not synonymous with being a devil worshiper.

Eu não posso dizer-lhe a chave para o sucesso, mas a chave para o fracasso é tentar agradar a todos. Ed Sheeran

Legit. Dunning-Kruger Effect. Also love how psychopaths easily acquire monetary gain on account of having no moral compass. The most prominent source of societal ills IMO. Also why I have a semi-rational bias against people of extreme affluence. HOW did you acquire that money? Odds are it involved a lot of fucking other people over. /rant

Honestly, religion never comforted me, it brought me more sadness and pain than anything. Because my brain could not accept that an all powerful god would let innocent people be hurt. I looked for a 'why'. I am more comforted that there is no god to stop these things than if there was but did nothing.