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If you're feeling "local" flavour Sari Citra is "nasi campur" halal Indonesian style. What's strange and unfamiliar to me: they weigh the plate first and every time you add stuff to it they will weigh it and count the total from there and not what you buy. Makes sense. Search for "Citra Sari" when you're in #Amsterdam #Netherlands

Amsterdam Travel Must-Dos

Travel inspiration for all the wanderlusters out there!

Gifts for my Mak #Amsterdam #Netherlands

Back to where I had my first oyster here in Fish Market Sydney 16 years ago

Di sini dan kebanyakan tempat di kota-kota Eropah orang ramai suka duduk2 di LUAR cafe2 semata-mata utk "people watch". Mereka lebih suka duduk BERSEBELAHAN daripada bertentangan. Pelik kan? Mungkin mereka akan rasa pelik lihat orang kita duduk2 DALAM kedai kopi dan BERSEMUKA sepanjang hari memandangkan pemandangan diluar lebih menarik. Budaya yang buat kita berbeza. #Amsterdam #Netherlands

Giethoorn, Netherlands: a village with no roads.:

And gifts for you. #Netherlands #Amsterdam

Finally nobody's here. #Netherlands #Amsterdam

My big tips for travel in #Amsterdam: 1. there's dog poo everywhere so don't walk and text. 2. when buying mineral water they will ask "gas" or "still" yes it matters. 3. Forget the maps and bring your walking shoes; get lost and don't check the time. #Netherlands

No Gogh For Me: the Van Gogh museum is overflowing with people the officer said its at least an hour and a half before I will reach the front of the line. No thanks. #Amsterdam #Netherlands