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Shops close around 8:00pm and there's not many 24 hour convenient stores so be prepared! Some restaurants stay open til late and there's midnight movies everyday. #Netherlands #Amsterdam

I've always been a big guy. 1.89m and I've been every digit on the weighing scale. Couldn't get clothes from the cool shops because they don't fit me and had to deal with fugly shoes because the ones in my size are always the bapak-bapak kind. I've been wearing that since I was 12 kot. I'm a size 12. - But 2 things happened. 1. National Service: I lost a lot of weight between the ages of 18-21. And at my lightest I could wear a size M. That gave me some hope. 2. Work. Having money as an…

If you're in Singapore come visit @maisonqofficial at Boutique Fairs at the F1 Pit Building last day today. Lots of pop-up shops too.

Always a party at The 'A' Street Barber Shop (Haji Lane) #Singapore @the_astreetbarbershop

Discovered a kuih-muih shop at Wangsamaju thanks to @sekupang replying my Twitter inquiry this morning. Quite cool to have a shop called geraikuih.com - works wonders when searching it on Waze. Thanks Raimi!

No guesses what this shop sells. #amsterdam #dilandabelanda

They don't serve chips (fries) at the seafood shop. "Fish and chips is English" my BIL said. We had a nice lunch there though. Satu ekor ikan dia bagi. #Netherlands #Geleen #limburg #rayabelanda #dilandabelanda

[Promo] @highcastledistro is calling for more vendors for their physical store in Shah Alam! We provide space for any clothings accessories snapbacks and more. Kindly contact - 0187782648 for more info. Please recommend Singapore brand owners by leaving their usernames in my comment box below. I'm keen to explore brands from the Lion City for distribution in KL Klang Shah Alam area. We will manage postage within Malaysia as well. Kindly contact me: shop@imranajmain.com #highcastledistro

Here's how to handle rejection & disappointment in business or work. #5tips 1. Understand that "rezeki ada di mana mana" means there's no guarantee everything will work out well. If it doesn't happen now it can happen at another time or place. So it's cool you're still OK! If you truly believe being broke (with debts) is the end of the road then nobody can help you. 2. Nobody owes you anything whether you paid for their livelihood helped them with their careers and businesses. Don't expect…

When I was 6-7 years old I was the child artiste in the commercials for Tora Ding Dang (?) and a few others produced by Seniman Mat Sentul. He was my late grandparents' neighbour in Kembangan #Singapore where he had scouted me to be in his commercials. If you remember this snack I was that kid! Too bad we can't find the original footage. Seeing this at selected shops today remind me how I got into this business. Thank you Pak Mat!

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