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Pra quem é vintage: vinil, K7 e portátil #hipster

In a neighborhood filled with oversized homes, the Stamford House stands out not by the space it occupies, but the space it doesn't. The home, also referred to as That House, is constructed using three rectangular forms - two on...

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Glowdeck | A companion for your smartphone. Wireless charging, music playing, notification telling awesomeness.

Reverbcity Shop - Camisetas/T-shirts The National

EMBRACE+ by Paul & Rudy, via Kickstarter. The Embrace+ is a FASHION ACCESSORY with true FUNCTIONALITY! Whether you are in the middle of a workout or meeting, you'll always be notified about important calls and messages. You can customize notifications with colors that match your style and save them in a profile.

Toxic Boy, Tim Burton

JustMount iPhone Wall Mount

JustMount iPhone Wall Mount - This magnetic wall mount organizer will get clutter like your keys, iPhone, and earbuds up off your workspace and keep them easily within reach. And speaking of reach, another use for the device is the convenience of “hands-free” video calls, popular with couples in long distance relationships.

SurfacePad para iPhone, da Twelve South