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2016 F1 Grid Spotters Guide ps = Every time I see F1 on tv I think of the cracker joke ( obviously a terrible joke then !! ) = ''Why are penguins fantastic F1 drivers = cause they are always in POLE position !! '' Oh sorry about that one folks ✅

Looks as though f1 is headed into the sunset of my fan hood with their sanitized go kart like spec cars. It's become more boring than NASCAR. Ditch the spec tyre, loosen regs so teams can experiment and bring back refueling. WEC will work for me n the mean time.

#F1 Pilots have been signing this art work at the 2015 Canada GP

This Rosberg/Hamilton "thing" has been a long time in the making...

Ayrton Senna, The King of Rain Mais

Michael Schumacher & Sebastian Vettel - Love this shot...it's so strange to think what Vettel would produce many years later! #F1 #Formula1 #FormulaOne

#F12017 #Newrules

#F12017 #Newrules

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