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If You Want To Fast Track Your Growth, Do These 8 Things From Today

Take the time for myself. So important. Doing what's good for me.

Hey, Ikea's great. Great cabinets, beautiful cabinets. Believe me!

Looking to minimise your to-do list? Here are 4 tips to help you do LESS this year! (Plus a personal update + my thoughts on slowing down.)

I honestly forget to do this until someone crosses the line and I'm instantly reminded of its truth.

É cuidando da minha vida, Que vivo.

Do you truly care about the truth of what you were discussing with your husband or wife . . . or is it really about winning – about being the victor, again?

"Do not look for a sanctuary in anyone except yourself." ~ Buddha

also I don't think there was anyone else FOR them to pick for Krum, he was an international quidditch player, many people wanted to be near him, but true and loyal friends must be hard to come by, most would just be in it for the shared fame

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