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There's Zubat! There's Pikachu! There's a portal!Pokemon GO is all about catching Pokemon! But this recent phenomenon can also be used to catch your students' attention in math! This task card activity blends the Pokemon GO game and coordinate graphing together.

Bora colocar pixelart em todo lugar! Imã na geladeira ou no aparador de livros pin na bolsa ou na roupa chaveiro pra chaves (rly?) ou na mochila! E ainda da pra pedir com suporte para deixar de pé enfeitando sua mesa o/ Na parede? Quadros? Também (em breve)! Só pedir teus personagens favoritos que a gente providencia ;) #pokemon #onepiece #sakuracardcaptor #portal #pixelart

Denied// I wanted to lie in his bed, too....

Video game onesie baby onesie yoshi Zelda portal Pokemon Video Game Lovers by FluxAndFocusDesigns on Etsy

Aperture Science Pokeball .... shut up and take my money!

junior fringe division: mc is olivia because theyre the mc, gladion is peter bcz his father is the first one (that we know of) to open a portal (ub wormhole) to another universe(ultra space) , and hau is walter bcz they both obsess over food (including malasadas) aether is massive dynamic, and wicke is nina lusamine is like all the bad guys rolled into one tho lusamine scary silvally's are cortexiphan kids bcz they were modified to fight beings from another universe

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