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Explora Portão Romano, Óculos De Sol e outros!

Extant Roman Gates (built in Spello, on land given by Augustus to be settled by retired legionnaires): Porta Venere (on the left; & named for its proximity to a former temple to venus) - Porta Urbica (on the right).

#BLOGPOST So, as most of you already know, a week ago we went to see the beautiful Eltz castle in #Germany and afterwards we visited two other near-by cities - Cochem and #Trier. As always, we didn't had a lot of background info about the cities that we are visiting and what we found about this city when we got back home blew our brains! First of all, it's the oldest city in Germany, then it has the oldest cathedral in Germany, the #PortaNigra gates that you see in the picture - was built…

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Porta Borsari, Verona, Italy. Ancient roman gate.

Porta Nigra, Original Roman City Gates, Trier, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

Porta Aurea (Golden Gate), which travelers described as “glittering with gold” (Constantinople) c. AD 850.

VERONA, Italy: was founded in the 1st century B.C. In the north of Italy, Verona is one of the richest cities in Roman remains. These include the city gate Porta Borsari; half of the Porta Leoni gate; the Arco dei Gavi arch, dismantled in the Napoleonic period then rebuilt in the 1930s; the Ponte Pietra bridge; the Roman theatre, excavated in the mid-19th century and restored for use in spectacles; and the Amphitheatre Arena, the second-largest after the Colosseum in Rome.

Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England

The Porta Nigra, or black gate, the ruins of Roman baths, an amphitheater just outside the center and a stone bridge over the Moselle River are examples of what this city has to offer. A wide variety Roman artifacts can be found at the Archaeological Museum. Trier Cathedral is a don’t miss too.

History: In the image above we see the Porta Nigra. It is a Roman gate from 200 BC. It translates to "Black Gate".