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Carding Wool

Carding Wool | This step in the yarn making process is one of my favorites! There is something so cool about taking a raw fleece, and turning it into a fluffy smooth pile all ready for the spinning wheel. I am going to be doing a picture tutorial of two different methods of carding wool today. First, the most basic method: Hand Carding. These two little tools are perfect for hand carding wool. I prefer to use these for small amounts of wool, but you can also use them…

a simple and visual way for students to understand what triggers them and what their "process" looks like, which helps to identify ways of cooling down.

Fantastic timing on this edit, hitting a lot of the secondary audio elements. Also a lovely job of mixing their humorous work with their serious work.

Sphere terracotta garden

This ceramic garden sphere is decorative element for your garden, balcony, terrace or house. It is handbuilt and decorated in unique way. Each sphere is an individual piece with a unique surface. You can plant it with succulents and similary plants which dont need much soil and moisture. You have no work with it, all job is done by sun and some rain. Maybe just some watering on a hot summer will keep the interior of the sphere cool and moist due to the natural evaporation process of…

How to Create Animated GIF Photos for Your Blog

Learn how to create animated GIFs for your blog in this easy-to-follow tutorial via

I know it's common to temper metal and glass to make it harder and more durable. Are there other materials that are commonly tempered? I feel like some materials after being heated and cooled several times would be more prone to breaking.

Shed Roof Design Garden Idea Picture - Interiornity

Some Cool CSS Tools Worth Checking Out

Some Cool CSS Tools Worth Checking Out. CSS or Cascading Style Sheet is still the most popular language for website development.Whether you are a professional developer or a newbie,sometimes coding can be a tedious job and can take too much time.Thus,many time saving CSS tools have been released and they are really very helpful for web developers in order to quicken the coding process. Here are a few favourite CSS tools to enable you create working design elements.

Elemental Geosystems: A Foundation in Physical Geography by Robert W. Christopherson