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Inspired by @shrinksdom Don't try to fit in if you are born to stand out. Be you. by leaderquotes

The Launch of Scholrly: new search engine seeks to change the way people find research May 30, 2012, 9:10 pm By Brian Mathews

What a beautiful drawing of some of Austen's novels.

11 choices rich people make that the rest of us don´t

theplaidzebra: New Harvard start-up lets you have a tiny house experience with no strings attached Perhaps you’ve thought about ditching the concept of the traditional house and living in a tiny home, but you haven’t got the nerve to try it out. Maybe you’re pretty sure that an off-the-grid lifestyle is for you, but you don’t want to fully commit to living in compact quarters. A new Boston-based start-up wants to let you try your hand in the world of tiny house living with no strings…

"Don't ask kids what they want to be when they grow up, but what problems do they want to solve. This changes the conversation from who do I want to work for, to what do I need to learn to be able to do that.” Jaime Casap, Google Global Education Evangelist #education #goals #QOTD

Overwhelmed Online? 10 Ideas to Simplify You Life

wrapped top with rubber band and tag

Had the loveliest conversation today with @rachwoodworth. We were discussing different kinds of people. There is the handful that truly exist around a specific passion. We have that one thing that makes us feel more alive than anything else sometimes we get really lucky when this passion can be turned into a career. And then there is the type of person who might not have a specific "passion" but thrives through curiosity of many different things. They have freedom to learn and discover and…

I don't want to go. Phil Collins Our goal in authoring and curating quotations is to spread bite-size morsels of wisdom, thoughts, emotions, sensibility, and encouragement to the world at large. If any of these connect with you, please share that with a friend. If your business needs advertising promotion and marketing resources, The Illusion Factory is your one-stop 360° shop for creativity and technology in all categories.

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