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Pano de Prato com tulipas

Pano de Prato com flores

Drawing Inspiration From Vacation: A Coastal-Themed Garden

Courtyard Garden, gorgeous courtyard, water elements, topiary, groomed, stairs too, landscape architecture

Shadows and white shapes. Without seeing the shadow maker - we can still guess what shape-shifter is interdicting the light. The only reason that we don't loose the shape of things which are covered in shadow is because the shape-shifter has allowed just enough light to break through. These eggs look very reptilian in this presentation - don't they? Was that apparent at first look by you? Or did I point it out? Funny how the power of observation works in the trained mind. Omelet anyone?

Cayo Coco, Cuba. Been here, love it!! Cuba is the unknown on gem of the Caribbean. If you would like to travel to Cuba or would like more information please contact us at 305.741.4994


Autora: Clara Zamith | Ano: 2011 | Título: Sono da Onça | Descrição: Onça dorme sobre tronco, no Zoológico de Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil.

RPH - Anuncio Festival de Gramado Cliente: Recife Praia Hotel. Agência: 3Pontos Comunicação. Campanha: institucional. Título: "Festival de Gramado 2012". Peça: anuncio. Atendimento: Guto Reis / Rodrigo Ramos. Direção de criação: Sergio Teixeira. Direção de arte: Fábio Sobral. Redação: Gabriel Mascarenhas. Mídia: Maria Clara. Veículo: Revista Folha do Turismo.

Bosch Speelgoed Kruiwagen

Thats my grandbabies to a tee. Oh how much do i love each one from DC to Clara and all in between

Bosch Speelgoed Grasmaaier met Geluid

Érable du Japon dans le jardin en 55 idées d'aménagement

Front yard garden with hostas 'Choco Nishiki' and 'Sagae', Geranium macrorrhizum, and a Japanese maple