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Princesa de Fogo

Before the war---- OMG!!!! Is this real!!!! I see marcaline's dad at the right, ice king, before he became the ice king on the left, and the litch in the middle if you look at the shadow behind them!!!! O.o

hora de aventura anime princesa cachorro quente - Pesquisa Google

that was different

adventure time fan art - Pesquisa Google

Season2. by Gashi-gashi.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Marcelline: "Don't drop me, ya butt!" FEELS. Gonna cry now. *limps off into the shadows for a cry*

Adventure Time! I lo e how in season 2 episode 4 the vampire king looks at Gunter and is like "you are the darkest soul I have ever meant."


SDCC Signing Poster by lead character & prop designer Matt Forsythe | #adventuretime #illustration #ilustração #artedigital #digitalart

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