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Explora Teatro Grego, Fundos e outros!

Greek Theater background information

Westward Expansion: Oregon Trail Reader's Theater Social Studies Integration from The Sweetest Thing on - (30 pages) - This resource is perfect for teaching and practicing fluency and comprehension reading skills with Social Studies content. This reader's theater makes integration easy!

Greek Masks - make some for art Walk display.

Greek Mythology Readers' Theater {scripts & stories}

Greek Mythology Readers' Theater (theatre). Story summaries, scripts and more. Re-read while having fun! $

Reader's Theater for Greek Mythology (3 leveled scripts; 4 myths)

Focus on DIFFERENTIATION! This reader’s theater set features 4 popular Greek mythology myths written on 3 reading levels for a total of 12 plays! Each script contains 5-6 parts, making it a perfect activity for guided reading groups! Modified versions provide support in basic fluency skills and enriched versions provide challenge with tier 2 vocabulary!

A Greek theater is not the same as a Roman theater. Ancient Greek theaters were very large, open-air structures that took advantage of sloping hillsides for their terraced seating. Because of drama's close connection with religion, theaters were often located in or near sanctuaries.

Paper Dolls

Ancient Roman Cut-Outs (C1, W5-W6) Great project for kids to learn some different cultures and make "paper people"

Shakespearean Tragedy and Aristotle's Poetics: Excerpts, Debate Activity, & MORE

This lesson from Bespoke ELA takes students through a close reading of excerpts from Aristotle's Poetics and then has them apply Aristotle's literary theories to Shakespeare's tragedies. This is an excellent addition to any Shakespearean unit-- Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, Othello, Hamlet, Julius Caesar, King Lear, etc.

Ancient Greece and Rome Activities

Greek Theater Masks

How to Make a Greek Theater Mask

How to Make a Greek Theater Mask (with Pictures) | eHow