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List of 10 restaurants to stop at on the way to Key West. We are always looking for something in the Upper Keys...


Les 20 des destinations "photo-friendly" selon Pinterest

Hollywood and surrounding areas in L.A. Loved my years here with my friends but could never make this my "home." Awesome to drive to the beach and the San Gabriel Mountains the same day!!!

Paso de los Libertadores, Argentina & Chile | 10 Roads that You Should Drive in Your Lifetime

Cine a Luka: Mulholland Drive de David Lynch 11 oct | 7:30pm - 10pm @ Cine Arte Normandie Suscríbete > Escribe la lista en el muro de este evento para validar descuento solo valido esta fecha y hora - 11 de Octubre 19:30 hrs Según los críticos la película más potente de David Lynch! Mulholland Drive: Betty una joven aspirante a actriz llega a...

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Los 10 túneles de árboles más impresionantes del mundo

Los 10 túneles de árboles más impresionantes del mundo - Taringa!

Hello, hello! (DE below) "Baked Apple Banana Cinnamon Oatmeal" was today's dessert. 😍 Made baked oatmeal for the first time and OMG I love it! It's my new favorite comfort food. And it's so easy to make and healthy too. Let me know if you want the recipe, if yes I will put it on my blog in the near future. 💖 Tomorrow I won't be in town as I have to drive to the capital to get my passport renewed. Gosh this will be a 5 hours drive (one way), so 10 hours drive in total. 😝 I hate to sit in…

Magome-juku, Gifu prefecture. During the Edo period there were five roadways that connected Edo (modern day Tokyo) and outlying regions. The Nakasendo linked Edo and Kyoto, and ran through central Japan. This trail was dotted by many stopover towns and Magome-juku was the 43rd of the 69 towns of the Nakasendo.

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Taxi Driver

Robert De Niro's character in Taxi Driver is an example of loneliness in movies.