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have it to where you work in the police department's morgue by yourself and they can't figure out how you always know and why you keep refusing the offer of becoming an investigator.

How to Write a Novel With a Full-Time Job

Do you want to write a novel? Do you still have a full-time job? Learn how to write a novel with a full-time job from someone who's done it! #writertips #writing — Blots & Plots

Magic specialists.

Only you start casting spells and are now being hunted. Which side do you help?

10 Jobs That Pay You to Travel

10 jobs that pay you to travel. Work while you travel the world.

10 Freelance Writing Pitches That Get Rejected Every Time

Wondering how to write a pitch? As a freelance writer, I've sent tons of pitches. I've also received some, and they weren't all pretty! Read this post to learn which pitches I rejected so you can improve your pitches and land more freelance writing jobs. (And check out the site for tons of other freelance writing tips!)


"Yeah, I'm Ms.Sandman and... I'm not as good as you'd thought I'd be," I smirk. "And yes, that's my job."

Acting Tips - What Really Happens on a Movie or TV Set? -

I love Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. He's such a wonderful actor, and he's done a beautiful job with the role in spite of the crappy writing they've given him to work with for some of his episodes. He still manages to be The Doctor through it all. I hope he gets to have nothing but wonderful writing from now on. But, either way, I know I'll be very sad to see him go whenever they have The Doctor regenerate.

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I like this in reverse too. Where you convince them you're human but you're actually not.