Toe Nail Stickers Toe Nail Stickers Bronzing Imitation Diamond Nail Stickers Description Reliable quality, long-lasting use, safe and skin-friendly, easy to be scratched, to nails and skin, allowing you to create beautiful toenails with confidence Due to their self-adhesive properties, these toenail polishing strips are easy to stick and without too much time. Just tear off the toenail polishing strips and apply them to the toenails, and them when needed. Our self-adhesive toe nail appliques are designed in a variety of colors and patterns, which look so shiny and charming. You can mix and match according to your clothing and to create a charming appearance to show your personality These toe nail stickers are fashionable and novel. They can be used alone, but also can be used with other de Applique, Nail Manicure, Glitter, Nail Wraps Diy, Nail Wraps, Nail Appliques, Toe Nails, Nail Tips, Glitter Toe Nails