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“Last summer I traveled with a group of friends to Svalbard, Norway in search of polar bears. We went to my favorite spot where I have always been able to…”

I got nothing, Mates. #sharkyshawn

Bear Island's fish, walruses, and other wildlife face contamination from PCBs that have made their way to Norway's far north.

"Whales are not part of our food chain, neither are dolphins, or any animal that requires machinery for us to kill and eat it! Animals we can catch our selves without boats or weapons are meant to be eaten, it's the way of life. We can't hide that humans are omnivores, we are supposed to eat meat, and we are supposed to eat plants, it's how we're made. But we are not made to kill things that require machinery... Think of what you would eat in the wild, with your bare hands..." - Daniel…

This Shocking Photograph Reveals The Reality Of Climate Change | IFLScience -


Bears mysteriously die as thousands watch on Katmai bear cam

Online viewers of the famous bear cam at Katmai National Park witness a bear cub collapsing and dying, then watch an adult bear also die of unknown causes.

Breaking: Norway Becomes First Nation In The World To Ban Deforestation

Top 10 Greenest Countries: Iceland, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Sweden, Norway, Mauritius, France, Austria, Cuba, Columbia. via Yale University