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Cinderella Fosberry an Iraqi Christian woman, shares her testimonies of sharing the gospel with the son of Saddam Husain. Leaving her family and country to serve in Sudan, risking her life to share the gospel with the president of Sudan (Omar Al Basher). Being thrown in prison for the cost of her faith in Jesus Christ. Standing before the king of Jordan with the message of salvation. Sharing testimonies and biblical stories of Gods love, healing, restoration, power and glory. We all face trials and tribulations but God has called us all to overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.
| Author: Cinderella Fosberry
| Publisher: Xulon Pres
s * | Publication Date: May 31, 20
18 * | Number of Pages: 138 pa
ges * | Language: Eng
lish * | Binding: Hardcover/Rel
igion * | ISBN-10: 1545
637032 * | ISBN-13: 9781545637036
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