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Ticuna Tribe in Solimões River, Amazon Rainforest, Brazil. Wow- fresh caught fish

Ituri Forest Pygmies

REPUBLICA DO CONGO Ituri Forest Pygmies

Yanomami woman. Amazon rainforest

Parc Indígena Xingu, Mato Grosso, Brasil.

indigenas brasileiros

Amazonas - Brasil

ayapó live along the Xingu river and Altamira area of the Amazon rain-forest. There are nine communities that are known as Xikrin, Txhukahamai, Mebêngokrê. Their language is part of the Ge linguistic family and is known as Macro-Jê, Jê or Kayapó. The Kayapó are unique because they have settled in small groups of no more than 80 in fertile areas of the Amazon River basin.All the women and girls of the Kayapo indians, shave a v-shaped form in the middle of thier head.

como uma deusa by Marina Palmeira

Yanomam del Alto Orinoco en Venezuela.