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Carta Tarot para 27-01-2016 Hoje a carta do dia poderá proporcionar bons momentos de lazer com os outros. Os pactos e os entendimentos com os outros estão favorecidos. Por isso, use a sua simpatia e capacidade de comunicação para conseguir chegar aos outros e convencê-los das suas boas intenções. A carta tarot do dia, os pactos, indica que acordos, negócios, contratos e até pedidos de namoro ou casamento poderão ser bem sucedidos. Está na altura de abrir a mão ao futuro, de se dar uma...

Moon Magic Throughout the Year. I am not sure of the origin of this chart, but it is quite fascinating.

The Seven of Cups is a card which warns us about the power of illusion.  Life is presenting seemingly fabulous options for you to choose from, look for the truth and don’t be swayed by flash.  Remember that often if something seems too good to be true it probably is.This card is often in close relation to romantic entanglements, or emotional affairs. - Eden

Tarot Tips Is My New Boo, Too Good To Be True Tarot Spread.

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nightshadeandroses: Is This A Good Decision?...

nightshadeandroses: “ Is This A Good Decision? Tarot Spread To be used when you wish to determine whether or not your decision/choice will have an outcome that you would like. Cards 1+2: Represent the good sides of your decision. These two cards show...

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5 Tips for Finding Your Spirit Guide

5 Tips for Finding Your Spirit Guide: Many people find their spirit guide through meditation or dreaming.

Three things. I'm good on compassion. But the other 2... Could always use the extra work on. #aquariusproblems

Card of the Day: Queen of Wands from Robin Wood Tarot ~ The fire that you have building inside you is ready to consume. The question is, how are you going to let it out? This Queen can inspire you to use that fire to weld and join things together or to incinerate them for good. Meter your reactions today as the passion you are feeling needs to be directed well to avoid collateral damage.

This week you may be focused on your possessions – your home, car, etc. – and your money. You are in an accumulation phase where you want to increase your wealth and your material possessions, and hold on to what you have already. This is a good week to prepare your financial plans and budgets for the future, especially for saving money or achieving a big financial goal in the future. You want to be in control of your money and where it is going.

Card of the Day: Three of Cups from Robin Wood Tarot ~ Celebrate life in every moment. You do not have to be at your destination to celebrate the journey. Every step along out path can bring cause for joy and happiness. Rejoice in what you gain from the good as well as the bad.