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Scene from Congo Bongo, Commodore 64, 1983. A fine Sega game. I loved its isometric graphics. U.S. Gold made its own licensed C64 conversion in 1985.

Virtua Cop 2 Arcade: Mission 1 - The Big Chase (Sega Model 2). Like other titles in Sega's Virtua game series, Virtua Cop harnessed 3D polygonal graphics that were a step above traditional games of the era that typically relied on fixed graphics throughout game play scenes. The game was developed by Sega's AM2 development team and hit arcades in 1995.

Sega London 2012 - The Official Video Game of the The Olympic Games are responsible for some of the most memorable scenes in sporting history.Its the global stage where dreams are realised heroes are made and moments that will beremembered for years http://www.comparestoreprices.co.uk/playstation-games/sega-london-2012--the-official-video-game-of-the.asp

Behind the Scenes: Sonic Mania Infomercial

Sonic Boom Behind the Scenes Video Released - It’s not often that we get a look at how Sonic games are made, so it’s surprising that SEGA suddenly released a behind the scenes video for Sonic Boom. While there’s not much new info, it does show a lot of new concept art for the game and a couple of voice recording sessions... http://www.sonicretro.org/2014/02/sonic-boom-behind-the-scenes-video-released/

"A sneak peek behind the scenes with Chris Hemsworth (THOR) and Tom Hiddleston (LOKI) as they voice their iconic characters for Sega's newly released THOR video game"

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Sonic Bloom Shirt by Kenny Flowers. Grounded in science, this shirt generates enormous amounts of energy when it blooms onto the scene. Featuring colors from the Sega days, this party shirt is not for everyone. 100% Rayon Regulaxed fit Coconuttons The Sunglass Loop Double stitched, double trouble Fresh, versatile design Made in Bali Limited Edition

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