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a collage of pictures with different types of items on it and in the background
Micro Intimate Wedding Ideas: Five Essential Elements That Bring Your Guests Together - Tulle & Chantilly Wedding Blog
set up a kids's area to keep your smallest guests entertained
three pictures of different bowls with candy in them
DIY - DIY Inspiration #2007400
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there are many crayons on the table together
Put crayons at the kids table.
Kids Table | 31 Impossibly Fun Wedding Ideas // Any reason that the adults can't have crayons too? :)
a basket filled with lots of bottles sitting on top of a table
Hindu & Christian Wedding - Rustic Wedding Chic #wedding Bubbles at the outdoor wedding or reception to keep the little ones busy.
the table is covered with plastic cups and pencils
A Ridiculously Easy Table to Entertain Kids | Life | Fresh Mommy Blog
Tips for a Ridiculously Easy Table to Keep Kids Entertained for any Party! Create a fun and enjoyable table for kids to craft, draw, play and eat… without leaving a mess!