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an outdoor seating area with lots of pillows on the couches and tables in front of it
Luxury Private Italy Tours | Chauffeur Service Italy - Benvenuto Limos
Villa TreVille, Positano. By http://www.benvenutolimos.com/
an outdoor store with lots of plants and flowers on the outside wall, next to some stairs
Positano, Italy
Delicatessen in Positano, Italy Bought wonderful food here many time
a woman sitting on top of a building next to a body of water
My Italian Love Affair (Where I Stayed, What I Ate + All the Juicy Italy Highlights)
A beautiful holistic guide to Italy (Treviso, Venice, Ischia, Capri, Positano and Rome)
an island with many houses on it and some boats in the water near by them
Positano, Amalfi coast Italy...... OMG,I want to be here!!!!
an outdoor seating area next to the ocean with umbrellas and chairs on it,
Cozy Beach in Positano / Amalfi Coast Italy
an aerial view of the city and its colorful buildings along the water's edge
Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Positano Italy
Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Positano Italy
the city is lit up at night with many buildings on it's sides and mountains in the background
Positano (Amalfi Coast), Campania, Italy
the stairs lead up to an old building with pink flowers growing on it's sides
Positano, Italy
an aerial view of the town of positi at sunset
Amalfi Coast. Haven't even left on our first European trip and already I'm thinking about the next one... :)
an outdoor dining area with tables and chairs on the balcony overlooking a cityscape
Amalfi Coast
a view of the ocean from an outdoor restaurant in positanoa, italy
Beautiful Positano Village, Italy. Whichever hotel this balcony belongs to, I want to be sitting on it someday.
an open window looking out at the ocean and houses on the hill in the distance
Top Hotels in Positano | Hotels.com
Positano, Amalfi Coast - Italy http://www.tourismontheedge.com/places/europe/fascination-of-the-amalfi-coast-positano-italy.html
an aerial view of positi on the amalfra coast
Because the Amalfi Coast is a spectacular place to spend the weekend...
Because the Amalfi Coast is a spectacular place to spend the weekend… | 39 Reasons Studying Abroad In Italy Ruins You For Life
an aerial view of a swimming pool overlooking the ocean and town in the foreground
Hotel Belair, Sorrento, Italy
an outdoor dining area with tables and chairs overlooking the ocean at night, along with trees
FunStocki: Bellevue, Sorrento, Italy
an aerial view of a city by the water at night
Amalfi at Night
Amalfi at Night - Sorrento - Italy...I was there during the DAY...I need to go back, right?
an outdoor dining area overlooking the ocean at dusk
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Sorrento, Italy
an outdoor dining area overlooks the ocean and boats in the water, as well as tables with umbrellas
Sorrento, Italy
the sun is setting over the ocean from this balcony
The Top 5 European Road Trips
Luxury suite Vittoria Terrace, Sorrento, Italy
an alley way with tables and chairs lined up along the side walk, in between two buildings
208/365 - Sorrento Italy
Sorrento, Italy @Ryan Eric I think we ate here!! Remember the calzone and the eggplant pasta??
an outdoor dining area with purple flowers on the trees and in the background is a balcony
Wisteria patio on the Bay of Naples in Sorrento, Italy • photo: Italcasadecor
an old castle overlooking the ocean with boats in the water and mountains in the background
Sorrento, Italy - This picture actually does the town proud
an aerial view of boats in the water and buildings on land, with mountains in the background
Whistle While You Work Harder Than The Rest of The World
Sorrento, Italy. Base camp for our time exploring the Amalfi coast. The Amalfi coast is my favorite place in Italy that I have been to.
an outdoor fruit stand with lemons, grapes and other fruits hanging from it's roof
Lemon Art for Sale - Fine Art America
Lemon Stand, Sorrento, Italy >>> It's all about the lemons in Sorrento. Are you a fan of limonchello?
an alley way with clothes and umbrellas on the sides, in front of buildings
Around Town - Sorrento, Italy. Some amazing little shops here. Got so many beautiful things.
an aerial view of a town by the ocean
Sorrento, Italy: the perfect break
Sorrento, Italy #travel