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several orange and white earrings sitting on top of a wooden table next to some feathers
Orange and stripes 24kt gold plated hoops polymer clay statement earrings
Handmade unique polymer clay earrings. A stunning combination of orange and with nautical wavey stripes, these earrings are inspired by beach days , summer time and the French Riviera. Finished with 15mm 24kt gold plated hoop, they are both classy and fun. To ensure a long life for your earrings, please make sure you open and close the hoop with care. The gold-plated thin hoops are delicate and might lose their shape. They can easily be remodeled back into their shape by gently reshaping them wi
three pairs of mickey mouse earring with red, white and black circles on them
Christmas Tree Polymer Clay Earrings /holiday Winter Clay Earrings/long Statement Minimalist Earrings Handmade Gift - Etsy
pair of black and white cufflinks with red buttons on grey background, top view
Pia Earrings by Klara Borbas (Polymer Clay Earrings) | Artful Home
Pia Earrings by Klara Borbas (Polymer Clay Earrings) | Artful Home
Antimo Caputo Tipo 00 'The Chef's Flour' pizzameel - 10x 1kg