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the words are written in pink and black
the words jesus are surrounded by butterflies
a woman is carrying several suitcases with signs on them that say, essa e a black friday que el desejo
a blue bird flying over a yellow flower
Amor, Livros, Phrase
the words are written in different languages on a light blue background with clouds and stars
the back cover of a notebook with spanish writing
Caderno do Eu: Aprenda a cuidar do seu Eu interior.
a turtle holding a heart balloon with the caption'o processo e lento, mas desistri rijo acelera '
a plant is growing on top of the stairs with words in spanish and english above it
an image of a cartoon character sitting on the ground next to a pile of bricks
three potted plants with the words as veces eu quebro ento e cresco diferente
the words in spanish are written on paper
#proverbios #amigo #amizade #biblia #versiculo #diadoamigo #meme
Jesus te ama