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a quote that says, note to self you gota do this for you
Trying to heal from curve balls life has thrown at me and this quote is good motivation.
an open book laying on top of a quilted blanket in the middle of a field
Nebula Known Part 5
:-) KSS
a black and white photo with the words'sabe o que e o carino?
"Antes pude-se ter-lhe oferecido paz junto do meu imenso amor e desejo por você... O elo ainda existe. Eu ainda o sinto forte por debaixo da mágoa assustadora que nos consome... Vou aguardar em silêncio e solitário o eclipse terminar para rever o sol beijar novamente teu rosto à minha frente" Fy
the bad news is time flies the good news is you're the pilot quote
Quotes To Live By
Positive Thoughts, Positive Life: Quotes To Live By
Always be kind Life Quotes, Wisdom, Humility
a quote that reads, the bad news nothing lasts forever and is written in black on
Photo (You're pretty, bitch)
The first one- thinking of the world in a nutshell. Tragic.
seagulls flying over the ocean on a sunny day
The Sea
Positive Thoughts, Inspirational Words, Best Quotes
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the quote for i'm stronger because i had to be
Hope After Narcissistic Abuse
Hope. One of our family members recently asked a question that was a good cause for pause. The member innocently (and likely fervently seeking answers) asked, "Where is the message of HOPE in all ...
the moon is in the sky and it says i love you to the moon and back
Top 50 Love Quotes for Her - Women Daily Magazine
For Eternity Sweetie
a black and white photo of a woman holding a baby in her arms, with the child's head resting on its mother's shoulder
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Never let anyone bully you into destroying your greatest gift, a child, life given from God Himself to begin in your body. A great and wonder mystery of life.
a quote from william faulner that says never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth
Never be afraid to raise your voice for what's right!
the words are written in gold ink
she inspires