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two pictures side by side, one with a tree and the other with plants growing on it
Stone Desert Home in Greece- Underground home- eco-friendly, utilizing natural light and heat, and cooling cross-winds
a sculpture with moss growing on top of it
Moistscape — Freecell Architecture
an old building with a tree growing out of it's windows in the middle of nowhere
Found Wood Fragments With Knots
Abandoned. Let Nature Take Over
several metal cages with plants growing on them
nomad studio sculpts an ethereal woodland forest of floating japanese kokedamas
an aerial view of some concrete steps in the grass with trees and people walking on them
Chausson's Garden / Ateliers 2/3/4/
Chausson's Garden / Ateliers 2/3/4/
a woman sitting on a bench in the middle of some plants and grass, looking at her cell phone
Xi’An LEADERS Primary School – A Green Campus For Fun and Learn « Landezine International Landscape Award LILA
a walkway in the middle of a garden
Piet Oudolf shares his garden design for the world-famous restaurant, Noma
an aerial view of people walking along a curved path with flowers on the side and trees in the background
Glassfields by B|D landscape architects
Glassfields by B|D landscape architects — Landscape Architecture Platform | Landezine