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an island in the middle of water surrounded by sand dunes and grass on both sides
Sunset on the north shore of Prince Edward Island from a drone at (@imagesofcanada) on Instagram by @dronehikers #ImagesofCanada
an image of a star in the sky with light coming from it's center
Hubble captures a brief but beautiful phase late in the life of a star. The curious cloud around this bright star is called IRAS 19475+3119. It lies in the constellation of Cygnus (the Swan) about 15 000 light-years from Earth in the plane of our Milky Way galaxy. As stars similar to the Sun age they swell into red giant stars and when this phase ends they start to shed their atmospheres into space. The cloud shines by reflecting the brilliant light of the central star
a painting of a woman wearing a white hat
Andrew Wyeth - Cornet (1992)
the sun is shining through clouds over some buildings
Angels at Flight 93 Crash Site? FBI Agents Says Yes | Alternative | Before It's News
Angels at Flight 93 Crash Site? FBI Agents Says Yes | Alternative
an abstract painting hanging on the wall in a room with concrete flooring and white walls
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Anselm Kiefer
a painting of a woman sitting in front of a house with her dog on the grass
Likens and Sue; Misters
Likens and Sue; Misters
an abstract painting with wavy lines in gold and grey colors on a white background,
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Read More “Liminal Moment – Bobbette Rose – Encaustic Monotype on Paper. These are paintings done directly on a heated plate with pigmented wax. Paper is laid on top and the image is offset onto the paper, similar to a typical monotype but no press. She does sveral thin layers, each time laying the paper …
an aerial view of the sand and water at low tide point in the white sands
The surface of Mars
Mars' Victoria Crater at Meridiani Planum taken by NASA's High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera.
an object is seen in the dark sky
This image of the Stingray nebula, a planetary nebula 2700 light-years from Earth, was taken with the Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2 (WFPC2) in 1998. In the centre of the nebula the fast evolving star SAO 244567 is located. Observations made within the last 45 years showed that the surface temperature of the star increased by almost 40 000 degree Celsius. Now new observations of the spectra of the star have revealed that SAO 244567 has started to cool again.
a black and white photo of an alleyway with light coming through the buildings on either side
My Parisian Dreams - Roid Week 2011
Paris by Olga O #polaroid
the street is lined with parked cars on both sides and trees in the back ground
Creamy Rainbow Tree
a black and white photo of the surface of a marble floor with cracks in it
Gray | Grey | Gris | グレー | Grigio | серый | Gurē | Colour | Texture |
an image of a plant growing out of the ground with dirt on it's side
Anselm Kiefer, Le Louvre invite Anselm Kiefer | Festival d'Automne à Paris
Anselm Kiefer, Sol Invictus www.artexperiencenyc.com
an abstract black and white photograph with light coming through the clouds in the sky above
Frédéric Clad (@FredericClad) / Twitter