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a man standing in front of a kitchen counter next to another man wearing a turban
35 memes engraçados para alegrar a sua semana!
two pictures with the same caption in different languages, and one has an image of people
Marvel Memes Brasil - 192
Thor: Ragnarok Baby Tv Show, Mundo Marvel, Teen Wolf Scott, Thor Ragnarok, Mcu Marvel
Por que isso é coisa de herói
a pirate running through the water with words that read, that moment when someone reminds the teacher about the homework
Ksksksks mais motivo para eu gostar desse filme | °Desenhistas Do Amino° Amino
a group of people sitting at desks with masks on their heads in front of them
Memes - Comentem
a young boy is swimming in the pool
E ninguém ligava... - Humor Chique