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a person is dipping some food into a skillet with cheese and spinach on it
Baked Fontina Garlic Cheese Dip
Garlic Cheese Dip
a tray with pizzas on it sitting on top of a green grass covered field
RITZ Pepperoni & Veggie "Pizzas"
Put your own twist on a game day staple with RITZ Pepperoni & Veggie "Pizza" Bites. Top RITZ Crackers with pepperoni, cooked peppers and onions, shredded mozzarella cheese and a drizzle of pizza sauce. Victory is yours!
six cupcakes with white frosting and green toppings on a red plate
Horseradish-Roast Beef Topper
A classic combination: RITZ crackers topped with roast beef and horseradish. Such an easy and yummy snack for party goers!
three small crackers on a white plate with cream cheese and toppings labeled in english
RITZ Crackers (ritzcrackers) - Profile | Pinterest
Spread cream cheese on a RITZ cracker, add a dab of hot pepper jelly and sprinkle with chopped almonds for a snack with a kick!
some food is on a blue plate with cherry tomatoes and chicken meat in the middle
RITZ Crackers (ritzcrackers) - Profile | Pinterest
Looks good! Melt pepperjack cheese on a RITZ bacon flavored cracker, add grilled chicken and pair with cherry tomatoes for a tasty bite.
three small appetizers with tomatoes and cream cheese on them, labeled in italian
RITZ Crackers (ritzcrackers) - Profile | Pinterest
Have you ever had caprese salad on a RITZ? Just add mozzarella, a tomato and some basil for a quick and yummy snack.
three heart shaped pastries on a blue plate with coconut flakes and feta watermelon
RITZ Crackers (ritzcrackers) - Profile | Pinterest
Summer means fresh snacks! Watermelon and feta on a RITZ makes a tasty and refreshing snack.
strawberry shortcakes with chocolate and marshmallow toppings on top, sitting on a white plate
RITZ Crackers (ritzcrackers) - Profile | Pinterest
For a twist on the classic s'more, add a strawberry to marshmallow and chocolate. Sweet and pretty!
three small pastries with cheese and jam on a black slate board next to a spoon
RITZ Crackers (ritzcrackers) - Profile | Pinterest
A delicious and classic combo! Bleu cheese pairs wonderfully with fruit jams like raspberry. Place it all on a RITZ cracker for an easy appetizer.
three pieces of fruit and chocolate on a white plate next to two slices of peach
RITZ Crackers (ritzcrackers) - Profile | Pinterest
Fancy and yummy! Place whipped cream and a peach slice on a RITZ cracker then dip half in chocolate for this decadaent effect. Put them in the freezer to harden the chocolate and bring them to parties!
three crackers with cheese and green onions on a black plate
RITZ Crackers (ritzcrackers) - Profile | Pinterest
An easy and delicious snack for the whole family! Place a slice of muenster cheese on a RITZ cracker and melt in the microwave. Add sliced scallions on top for extra flavor!
an image of crackers with cheese on them
RITZ Spinach Dip-Artichoke Toppers
These warm RITZ cracker Spinach Dip-Artichoke Toppers might just cure your winter blues! Top a RITZ cracker with pre-made spinach dip, an artichoke heart slice, and grated Parmesan cheese. Place on a baking sheet and pop in the oven at 350°F until heated through.
there are many different types of food being cooked
Corned Beef Hash Topper
It's not St. Patrick's Day without Corned Beef Hash on a RITZ cracker! Cook butter, onions, peppers, chopped potatoes, and black pepper in a skillet until lightly browned. Top RITZ crackers and add a dollop of a Dijon mustard-mayonnaise blend. Welcome back spring with this simply delicious party appetizer!
strawberry cheesecake on a ritz cracker with whipped cream and fresh strawberries
These fruity and fresh cheesecake RITZ cracker toppers will bring some spring color to your meals. The recipe is super simple and easy: just spread softened cream cheese on crackers and top with pie filling. It's a classic, no-bake dessert that will be the star of your Sunday brunch.
two cookies with peanut butter and chocolate chips on top are sitting on a white plate
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Love sweet and salty flavors? It doesn't get better than peanut butter and chocolate on a RITZ.