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a table that is made out of wood and has blue paint on it, sitting on the ground
18 Dos Mais Magníficos Designs De Mesa De Todos Os Tempos
Qual delas você mais gostou?
three different views of the ocean with waves and lighthouses on it's sides
Esculturas de vidro e concreto - Ben Young
a large green object sitting in front of a building
54 Fotos!! #385 - Chongas
an artistic sculpture is displayed in the middle of a room with wood flooring and white walls
Instalação - Pontos de discórdia
a tree that has been cut down and is in the middle of an empty room
installation art by Henrique Oliveira Desnatureza (Vallois Gallery, Paris) chasinghappy
a wooden sculpture sitting on top of a gray floor
four different views of the same body of water with trees and grass in each section
Incredible Wood #Sculptures…
a small house in the middle of a lake with mountains and rocks on it's sides
a large green sculpture sitting in the middle of a room next to a white wall
Balcão de atendimento com status de obra de arte - Vidrado
a sculpture with a plant sticking out of it
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there is a small mountain in the water under this glass case that looks like it's floating
As Esculturas de Vidro de Ben Young
Ben Young é um escultor neo-zelandês que mora na Austrália e que trabalha quase que exclusivamente com vidro. Suas esculturas são todas cortadas e desenhadas a mão, em um processo trabalhoso que Bem Young acabou criando sozinho.
there is a piece of art that looks like waves on the ocean and rocks in the water
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Glass Sculture - Ben Young
two images of people swimming in the ocean with a lighthouse on an island above them
Amazing Photo Manipulation & Retouching by Jack Usephot Graphic Design Junction
Impossible Sea #photomanipulation #retouching #photography