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two glowing mushrooms with the words glowing tutor on it's front and back side
How To: Glowing Effects in SAI!
the instructions for how to sew a sweater
a drawing of a woman's head with arrows pointing to the side
Circle Runner - Apps on Google Play
an info sheet shows the different types of shoes and how they are used to wear them
Mini rock tutorial by AonikaArt on DeviantArt
Here you all go! A special little BG tutorial requested by In this I go over how to draw bushes, grass, and dirt. I hope that this helps! Art © to me I'd love to see what you guys do with this tuto...
three different shades of lipstick with the words blending tips
Draw this shit!
an info sheet describing how to use the hue shift in shading for hair and makeup
Little Lessons - 4 Hueshifts in Shading by Fawngoo on DeviantArt
an image of two pink petals with the words hard and soft edges above them, some shadows should be crisp that will accentulate the form
Little Lessons - 5 Edges by Fawngoo on DeviantArt