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a cup filled with paint brushes next to an origami snowflake design
Reisen, Architektur, Natur, Entspannung, Geschichte und Kultur
Schnittmuster für Beton-Becher
several pieces of wood are stacked on top of each other in order to look like they have been cut
osb finishes. neutral satin urethane, sanded vermont acorn stain with gloss uerethane, watco black walnut, flat vermont acorn stain, rodda walnut stain, black enamel, minwax ebony
a glass vase sitting on top of a wooden floor
Funky Furniture Can Be So Fine
Acrylic and branches side table.. so cool
three tables made out of metal mesh with holes on the top and bottom, one is green
Nested Caged Metal Side Table
Nested Caged Metal Side Table
a white table with a square light on it
minimalistic lighting and diffused shine | lighting . Beleuchtung . luminaires |
three different bookshelves with yellow and black sections on them, each holding magazines
Coffee table par Brigada - Journal du Design
Coffee table
two pictures side by side one with a coffee table and the other with a book on it
Ned Hardy - The Amazing World Of Animals
Cool table
a small bonsai tree is placed on top of a wooden shelf in front of a black background
27 Contemporary Plywood Furniture Designs -
an umbrella is hanging on the side of a white wall with colorful lines attached to it
Symbol Coat Rack, The hooks pull out to help you organize your stuff. During the coatless summer months it hangs as a purely aesthetic piece.
a desk with some pictures on the wall
Special Koko shared by Mona on We Heart It
Organisation ideas for a tidy home office...
Leather hinge embedded in plywood (Truex) Woodworking Projects, Woodworking, Wooden Hinges, Plywood, Hinges, Wood Joinery, Woodworking Techniques, Woodworking Tips, Plywood Furniture
Fold technic │ Multiplex supporting structure │ leather hinge by Georg Ackermann | STYLEPARK
Leather hinge embedded in plywood (Truex)
two wooden cabinets sitting next to each other on top of a hard wood floor in a room
Cool handle system
an instagram photo of a living room with green plants on the wall and blue chairs
Nuon Office by HEYLIGERS Design+Projects
HEYLIGERS Design+Projects have designed the offices for power company Nuon, located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.