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a man holding up a plant in front of a cactus field with the words hamletton's pharmacopea written on it
Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia - VICE Video: Documentaries, Films, News Videos
there are lemons and flowers on the table next to some scones that say sweet saturday
Consuming Cannabis: Microdosing 101
Consuming Cannabis: Microdosing 101 - Finding the right dose of cannabis can give you the therapeutic benefits of the plant without interfering with your daily routine.
a diagram showing the process of making water from an air source to a steam boiler
Distillation Reflux Principle
Reflux principle
an illustrated book cover with flowers and plants in gold foil on white paper that reads folk magic and healing an unusual history of everyday plant
Folk Magic and Healing by Fez Inkwright Hardcover | Indigo Chapters
many mushrooms growing on the bark of a tree
Turkeytail fungus {Trametes / Coriolus versicolor} | Alex Hyde
a bunch of mushrooms that are on the ground
Turkey tail mushrooms- powerful medicine ✨
Turkey tail mushrooms- powerful medicine ✨ - MushroomPorn
four different pictures of plants with leaves on them
Peyote-Lophophora williamsii کاکتوس پیوت یا کاکتوس مقدس
Lophophora williamsii is a small cactus native to Mexico, Texas and New Mexico. Growing instructions Sow seeds in sandy soil. Do not cov...