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a woman sitting on top of a white flower in the middle of a pond filled with water lilies
"I am at Peace" Art Print for Sale by ClassicKatsara
Crayon Art Fantasy Art, Abstract, Roots, Sanat
Crayon Art
Crayon Art
a woman's hand holding a heart shaped object in the air with pink and blue background
the back cover of an article in spanish, which is written on black paper with colorful circles
Make Your Day
Meditation, Astrology, Tarot, Mantras, Chakra, Tantra, Mental, Virgo Emotions
Capacidad mental
an image of the words in spanish and english on top of a photo with stars above it
Afirma! que todo llega!
Así es, hecho está!
a poster with flowers on it that says todo es perfecto para mi evolucion
Todo 🌈
an image with the words to do que hago me hace gana mas dinero
Frases poderosas para aumentar tu dinero
Mejora tu relación con el dinero incorporando este tipo de afirmaciones a tu vida. Primero cambia tu interior para manifestar en tu exterior! #Dinero #prosperidad#Decretos#abundancia#frases