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someone is stitching flowers on a white jacket
Художник, делай что хочешь! Ты абсолютно свободен! С этой фразой мне передали жакет @lesyanebo.brand и я сразу же увидела на нем… | Instagram
an embroidery hoop with a flower on it sitting on top of a piece of fabric
Embroidery # beginning
an image of two people on swings in the woods, with trees and water behind them
Historically Inaccurate
Embroidered, Decorative, Graphic and Fine Art work by Richard Saja contact: chromion@gmail.com
an image of two people dancing in the woods with flowers on their heads and arms
TRIBES exhibition
a red and white pillow with an image of a man holding a cane on it
Sweet Paul: Giveaway: Embroidered Toile Pillow by Richard Saja
toile embroidery
this is an image of a painting with animals and birds on it's wall
Inspiration: Richard Saja
Inspiration: Richard Saja · Needlework News | CraftGossip.com
a close up of a piece of cloth with flowers and animals on it sitting on a table
a blue and white plate with people on it
toile de jour
a close up of a piece of cloth with a woman's face on it
an embroidery project with people and trees in the background on a white tablecloth covered plate