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an old purple car with a surfboard attached to it's front end in the desert
*** Life of boheme ***
Location voiture, skateboard, camping-car, vélo, appareil photo, objets ... entre particuliers grâce à www.PLACEdelaLOC.com #consocollab #ecocollab
a man riding a skateboard down the side of a wooden ramp in a park
SNAKE RANCH - givemethemoney-bitch: traumatismo crâniano
No limite da sociedade
several pairs of shoes are lined up in a row on a green and blue background
Rad SK8-HI ink illustrations by Sophia Drevenstam
a man doing a handstand on top of a skateboard in the street
Só quem é bom !!!
two skateboarders are doing tricks on the road
Lonely Coast
se nunca caiu. é porq nunca andou!
three people standing on skateboards with their feet up in the air and one person wearing striped socks
a woman standing next to a skateboard in a parking lot holding onto her cell phone
a skateboarder with long hair is doing a trick
É impressão minha ou a mulherada adotou esse esporte pra valer?
a bunch of different colored papers stacked on top of each other
Girl skaters from the 1970s
Girl skaters from the 1970s
a man sitting in front of a wooden wall with skateboards on it
Hello there
Interior decorating. Fashion. Design. Ladder. Longboarding. Create a ladder to a loft using the boards you love and use.
an older man and woman walking down the street with skateboards on their feet,