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two people sitting next to each other at a tennis match, one wearing sunglasses and the other with her hand on her chin
Mafia's queen. 👑
an anime character with long black hair and flowers in his hair is looking up at the sky
a poster with the words love songs written in black and white, including an image of a
💎𝔸∂∂ιтʀι 𝕍αɳყα ⃞🖤👑
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an older man sitting next to a small child
Feliz aniversário, vô
Pasta, Naruto, Vida, Akira, Akashi Seijuro, Noob, Sad
a person walking down a road with the caption that reads, por tras de toda frea, existe al
Ainda me importo um pouco sim... não tanto quanto antes, mas deve ser por isso que sou tão trouxa...
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an airplane is flying in the sky at night with words above it that read, muta cosa anda me desamindo ulimimentoe,
a beach with the words i made e um numero maturidade e escolha
a person in a hoodie with the caption'70 % dessoas fingem estar, ben simplemente porque saem que segresem
Pessoas fingem estar bem pois sabem que não serão compreendidas
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