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four puzzle pieces with pictures of different things on them, including an oven and other items
Begeleide of zelfstandige activiteiten
worksheet for children to learn how to make pictures with their own words and numbers
(2014-07) Hvilke ting passer sammen?
the worksheet for drawing shapes
outline shapes
the worksheet for cutting shapes to make them look like they are cut out
¿Cuál va con cual?
the worksheet is showing how to make shapes with numbers and colors for each letter
Şekil tamamlama
worksheet for the missing part of an alphabet
missing parts
the symbols are green and white with arrows pointing in different directions on each one side
Baixe aqui material gratuito para trabalhar percepção visual!
Şekil tamamlama Mais
the symbols are shown in yellow and white, with black letters on each one side
Make a Square Shape - Brain Teaser Worksheets # 5
make a square shape