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a black vase sitting on top of a white table next to a gray wall and floor Contemporary Art, Modernism, Modern Sculpture, Alberto Giacometti, Joan Miro, Stele, Modern Art Sculpture, Sculpture Art, Max Ernst
Um certo ar de família
Femme (plano II), 1928 - 1929, de Alberto Giacometti
a small black bird sitting on top of a table Ceramic Art, Ceramic Pottery, Stone Sculptures, Pottery, Ceramic Birds, Pottery Art, Clay Pottery, Ceramic Animals, Ceramic Clay
Hand carved ceramic bird made in Osaka, Japan
a black bird sculpture sitting on top of a white table next to a gray wall Statue, Bird Statues, Bird Sculpture, Birds Of Prey, Modern Birds, Animal Sculptures, Birdy
'Bird of Prey (Minimalist Abstract Modern Bronze statuette)' by Stephen Page
Bronze Birds Sculptures or statue by artist Stephen Page titled: 'Bird of Prey (Minimalist abstract Modern bronze statuette)'
an intricate white piece of art that looks like corals Design, Inspiration, Texture, Surface Textures, Texture Art, Natural Forms, Ceramica, Natural Texture, Tactile
Lifestyle & Technical Surf Clothing and Swimwear Brand
a woman is painting a wall with black and white fish Art Drawings, Paintings, Art, Fish Paintings, Fish Art, Watercolor Fish, Abstract Artwork, Painting Inspiration, Watercolor
blog - Blog Usenatureza
Pintura em porcelana - Niharika Hukku
a ceramic fish sitting on top of a black stand Ribe, Raku Pottery, Ceramic Fish, Fish Sculpture, Pottery Sculpture, Clay Fish, Pottery Animals
Raku Picasso Fish - Sold
an assortment of different colored boxes with designs and patterns on them, all stacked together Eames, Arts And Crafts, Workshop, Diy Artwork, Eames House, Maker Project, House Of Cards, Display
Description: Charles Eames. 'House of Cards'. 54 playing cards, designed in 1952. H. 2.5 x 14.8 x 11.2 cm;
an image is projected on the wall behind sheer curtains Scene, Studio, New Media Art, Museums, Visual, Light Art, Lighting Design, Environmental Design
Sang Eun Lee, Passing By (2013), Video installation
a man is holding a large white object in front of his face and looking up at the sky Crystals, Portrait, People, Hoop Earrings, Installation Art, Kunst
a dirty dog statue sitting in front of a wall Dogs, Perros, Dog Sculpture, Animaux, Animais, Artesanato, Dog Art
an abstract painting with various shapes and colors, including the image of a person wearing a hat Paul Klee, Painting Reproductions, Paul Klee Art, Oil Painting Reproductions, Art Gallery, Art Movement, Framed Pictures, Art Prints
The Wild Man, 1922 by Paul Klee
The Wild Man, 1922 Paul Klee
some rocks are sitting on the ground with black and white designs painted on them, Painted Rocks, Pebble Painting, Pebble Stone, Stone Crafts, Stone Art, Stone, Stone Rocks
Painted Rocks
a bowl with leaves painted on it Ceramics, Decoupage, Earthenware, Japanese Porcelain, Japanese Ceramics, Japanese, Chawan, Japan Art
京都府 清水焼 陶器 夢玄紅葉 抹茶碗
Kyoto Kiyomizu pottery Yumegen autumn leaves green tea bowl:
an abstract painting with red and white paint on the bottom, in front of a white wall Crafts, London, Saatchi, Saatchi Gallery, Gallery, September
HUR Kyung-Ae - at Saatchi Gallery London, September 2015
an abstract painting with red and green paint Collage, Mixed Media Art, Mixed Media Collage, Paris, Wall Art
HUR Kyung-Ae Acrylic on Canvas Exposition ART FAIR Grand Palais PARIS 2015
an abstract painting with red, green, and yellow streamers on the bottom of it Artist, Contemporary, Contemporary Paintings, Painting Collage
Hur Kyung-Ae
some red and green plants on the ground Budapest, Exhibition
|KMFA| HUR Kyung-Ae exhibition 2012
|KMFA| HUR Kyung-Ae - enterieurs & textures (Budapest, 2012)
the reflection of a tree in a mirror is surrounded by hundreds of orange balls that are all over the ground Sculptures, Land Art, Nature, Garden Art, Landscape Art, Fine Art, Nature Art, Earth Art
water – Dedicated to Nils-Udo
Land art by Nils Udo
pink flowers are growing on the side of a tall green tree in front of some bushes Urban Art, Street Art, Andy Goldsworthy, Sanat, Fotografie, Fotografia, Tuin, Garten
nils udo [land art]
nils udo [land art]
a pink object floating on top of water next to tall green plants and reeds Nature Inspiration, Outdoor Sculpture
Nils Udo
paradis express: Nils Udo
an art installation made out of sticks and red flowers in the grass with trees behind it Outdoor, Landscape Architecture, Garden Sculpture
Between Dèjä ௵ vU
Moon Lodge. Art by Nils-Udo
a group of sticks sitting in the middle of a forest Jardim, Pasto, Garden, Outdoor Art
Giant Nest Sculpture by Nils Udo
“Clay Nest” by German artist Nils Udo was a giant (80 tons) outdoor sculpture via @KatonahChris #finecraft
a tree with red moss growing on it Yard Art, Environmental Art, Environmental Artist, Grief
Nils Udo (1937-) - Paperblog
Nils Udo (1937-)
a person standing in an empty room with red lines on the walls and flooring Home, Home Décor, Berlin, Interior, Architecture, Architect
a drawing of a person walking with an umbrella over their head, in red and blue ink
Brigitte Waldach
Brigitte Waldach, Every kind of thought. My mind feels the same way these days, too many deadlines! #nyuisva
an artistic drawing of the inside of a building Draw, Urban, Brigitte, Artwork, Abstract
Brigitte Waldach
Brigitte Waldach
a drawing of a person standing in the middle of a room with red lines on it Gouache, History, Drawings, Techniques, Paper
Brigitte Waldach
Brigitte Waldach - History Now (Jesus) 190 x 140 cm gouache, pigmentpen, graphit on handmade paper
three black and white images with mountains in the background, each showing different types of snow Graphite
Brigitte Waldach
Brigitte Waldach - Raum (Space) 194 x 420 cm graphite, gouache on handmade paper
a black and white photo of snow covered mountains with lines in the sky above them Astral, Artsy, Float, Century
Brigitte Waldach | Philosophical Fugue ( Thus Spoke Zarathustra) (2015) | Available for Sale | Artsy
Brigitte Waldach, 'Philosophical Fugue ( Thus Spoke Zarathustra),' 2015, Galleri Bo Bjerggaard