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an anime character is looking at her cell phone
a drawing of a person with blue hair holding two knives in front of a red background
Sal Sally Face Fanart
a person sitting on the floor with a guitar in front of some papers and lights
Eu só amei 💕
a person with blue hair and a cat mask standing in front of a window at night
Lo siento se q hay veces en las q me drogo y fumo pero es prq quiero y no se preocupen padres soy solo una persona q va a morir sin disfrutar su juventud creeo q morire solo en mi habitacion o en otro lugar pero estare mejor muerto lo siento los latidos de mi corazon son lentos y ese corazon se oscurece como mi soledad me odio lo siento quiero morir solo solo lo siento....
a drawing of a person with blue hair wearing a t - shirt that says pattingnut
an image of two people walking down the street in front of a tree and fence
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a cartoon woman pouring something into a blender
two anime characters standing next to each other with lights in the back ground behind them
Шиппер вышел на охоту
an image of three people hugging each other
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