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the best fabrics for public spaces in funa, 7725 camell by monterio
fabrics for public spaces projects
We have a wide range of high-quality fabrics specifically designed for public spaces. Our collections are carefully curated to meet the unique requirements of public space projects. Visit our website to explore our collection specifically tailored for public space projects
the best fabrics for retail logo
Upholstery fabrics for retail | Stores projects
Best fabrics for retail 🏪 Welcome to a world of design and durability, where our coated fabrics are developed for public spaces, exuding both style and resilience. Ask your free sample here.
an upholstered yellow chair with black legs on a blue background in front of a gray wall
Upholstery fabrics furniture chair
Premium fabrics, specially designed for office solutions.🪑Engineered to meet the highest standards of durability and wear-resistance, our fabrics ensure elegance and comfort over extended periods of use. Explore our upholstery fabrics solutions at Monteirofabrics.com 🤗
Sustainable fabrics | Upholstery solutions
Sustainable fabrics | 65% of this fabric is organic| Fabrics made from chestnuts. Featuring a range of 8 colours available from stock. Innovative products without having to choose between cost, performance, aesthetics, or sustainability. Upholstery fabrics textiles
Upholstery fabrics
CHANCE collection allows countless options for all upholstery applications, where durability, comfort and high performance are assured.
a green chair sitting next to a white vase
Upholstery fabrics
upholstery fabrics for furniture | Green chair | Design pieces | upholstery including the padding, webbing, coil springs, polyurethane foam and fabric that make up the soft coverings of furniture.
a green chair sitting on top of a green floor
a brown chair with a green pillow sitting on it's back legs and arms
a yellow chair sitting on top of a blue floor next to a black wooden frame
a close up of a yellow leather chair with stitching on the seat and back
upholstery fabrics in yellow - product design chair
Coloured fabrics Designed with love for colour with an impressive list of technical features | Low Temperature Resistance | Alcohol resistance | Bleach Resistance | Colour fastness to water | Fire Resistance fabrics
a close up of a yellow chair with black legs and an armrest on it
a green chair sitting on top of a green floor next to a black frame and seat