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an image of the sun setting over a snowy river
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the night sky is filled with stars above mountains and water, as seen from a lake
an old set of stairs in the woods with trees growing on it and sunlight coming through
A Guy's Mind
Landscape Photography Tips: A Guy's Mind
an empty road surrounded by trees in the middle of autumn with fog and low lying leaves
Красивая природа
a wooden staircase leading up to the top of a hill with an inspirational quote above it
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“Autumn Red by cristianospini ”
a mountain covered in snow and clouds on top of it's side with low hanging clouds
Destinations & Trips
Mountainscape of the Rongme Ngatra #photography #activeadventures #adventuretraveler
three boats are docked in the water next to each other
Aveiro, Portugal
a campfire burning in the middle of a forest next to a body of water
A calm evening last night on Holland Lake. I've been traveling a ton and sleeping sparsely the past few days. When I have stable internet and time to edit the vlogs will be up. Sorry for the delay by andrewtkearns
some lights that are on the side of a dock
Nothing like a relaxed evening with lights by the lake!
a person on a boat in the water with a mountain in the backgroud
Mount fuji at Lake kawaguchiko, Sunrise More
a woman sitting on a swing in the water
:) Pinterest: kattbakerr ॐ
a large body of water surrounded by trees and mountains in the distance with a circular object floating on it's surface
HER NEW TRIBE — lsleofskye: Lago di Saoseo