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a white feather floating on top of water
Feather 1
Swan feather floating on Hatchet Pond, Hampshire, England
a woman's face is shown with the image of a man standing in the water
Antonio Mora. Where Dreams Will Take You
©Antonio Mora. Where Dreams Will Take You
an ant standing in front of a glass ball
Dicas Diárias
mais seguidos do pinterest jane wang 1
a hand is holding a soap bubble in the air
30 fotos tiradas no momento certo
A alegria das coisas simples
a cup of coffee and some pink flowers on a white surface with a notepad
Creative Notes
Tea, flowers, a journal...the best way to start a new day #floral #flatlay #photography © Cristina Colli
flowers and an ipad on a bed with the words fashion flowers next to it in russian
Everything is perfect in this picture
pink flowers are arranged around a coffee cup
Flower Coffee Compositions
Japanese Artist Creates A Unique Visual Diary While Having Her Coffee
three pink and white flowers with green leaves on a white background in the shape of letters i love you
Humphrey and Grace | East Sussex, England | freelancer photographer
sweet pea flowers
a yellow field under a blue sky with two white clouds in the middle and one black cloud
Franco Fontana is an Italian photographer born in Modena, on December, 9th, 1933
a yellow door sitting in front of a blue wall
A 10 Step Guide to Superb Minimalist Photography
The beautiful love-affair between contrasting colours...